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Shamrock Softball picks up wins over Vestaburg and Laingsburg

SP vs Vestaburg Monday 4/25/22

Game 1: St. Patrick 14 - Vestaburg 3

Rylee Scheurer led team through the first three innings where she pitched 23 strikes of 33 pitches. Rylee held Vestaburg at zero runs heading into the 4th inning. Tori Sandborn pitched the next three innings locating 32 strikes out of 62 pitches of her own. Tori held Vestaburg to three runs and the Shamrocks took the mercy in the 6th inning. Rylee Scheurer led the Shamrocks at the plate going 3/3 with a double, home-run and 2RBI’s! Lydia Meredith went 2/2 with 2 RBIs, Addie Scheurer went 2/3 with a double, and Carly Scheurer went 2/4 and added 4 RBIs and a home-run!

Game 2: St. Patrick 11 - Vestaburg 0

Carly Scheurer threw the first three innings and retired all 9 batters she faced. She threw 15 strikes in 24 pitches and had 3 strikeouts. Natalee Teachworth took over in the fourth and pitched two innings and pitched 12 strikes in her 17 pitches. Natalee also strikeout two batters on her own. Together, Carly and Natalee led the team to a perfect game. Emma Honsowitz went 2/3 with a DBL and 4 RBIs, Natalee Teachworth went 2/3 with a DBL and 1 RBI, Carly Scheurer went 1/2, 1 TRPL, with 2 RBIs, and Lydia Meredith went 1/2 with a DBL and an RBI.

Coaches Comments:

We remain incredibly proud of our pitching and catching combinations. Together all four of our pitchers delivered an outstanding performance, and Addie held all runners with her hard work behind the plate. Watching Carly and Natalee share a perfect game was fun and exciting for the entire team. When Vestaburg made contact and put the ball in play, the team continued to be efficient and solid defensively. At the plate the girls stayed aggressive and it was fun to see two in the park home-runs from our 1 and 2 hitters, but then to continue to see multiple base hits continued down our lineup is the consistency we are looking to continue to build upon as the year progresses. Fantastic team wins tonight.

SP vs. Laingsburg Thursday 4/28/22

St. Patrick’s Varsity softball traveled to Laingsburg tonight for an intense league matchup. The Shamrocks beat the Wolfpack in both games this evening.

Game 1: St. Patrick 9 - Laingsburg 7

Rylee Scheurer led the Shamrocks with 12 strikeouts against a strong Laingsburg lineup. At the plate, Laynie Meredith lead the Shamrocks going 2/3, Rylee Scheurer went 3/5, and Carly Scheurer went 3/5 with 2 RBIs and 2 doubles!

Game 2: St. Patrick 12 - Laingsburg 4

Carly Scheurer pitched game 2 and led the Shamrocks to another victory with 9 strikeouts. Natalee Teachworth went 2/2 with 3 RBIs, Tori Sandborn went 3/4, and Carly Scheurer, Rylee Scheurer, Mara Schrauben, and Addie Scheurer all went .500 with a total of 5 combined RBIs.

Coaches Comments:

Headed into tonight we prepped the team by concentrating on the small things that matter, and later those small things becoming big things. This week we worked on base running, communication, extra outs on defense, staying aggressive at the plate, and being selective in the pitches we want. As we faced off against a strong Laingsburg program, we knew the small things would matter. The girls took their practice to the game this week and ended the evening with 27 hits and some phenomenal defensive plays. We are extremely proud of the team as they defeated one of the strongest teams in our league and continue to look for ways to grow and improve. Together with Carly and Rylee pitching, Addie behind the plate- and a field full of solid def rice and offed rice players -we felt extremely strong. Next week we continue the rigor with PW and Saranac.


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