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  • Josh Campbell

Re-Discover Portland Country Club

For nearly a century, Portland Country Club has been catering to golfers of all ages and abilities. The creation of the course sprouted from the dreams of Howard Benson and Charles T. Lockwood. With a true grass-roots effort, the transformation of farmland to golf course took place. Without help from the community, the course would have never come to fruition.

That same community spirit carries on.

Speaking with course owners Nick Spedoske and Adam Spedoske, it became clear just how much the community effort continues. The cousins took ownership of the course in 2020. Wanting to bring new life to the club, they brought with them big ideas and an equally big support network. The Spedoskes say they could not manage the course without the help of their friends and family, many of whom take on important tasks behind the scenes. On what it takes to run a golf course, Adam says “A lot of hours and a lot of dedication from a lot of people.” Both men credit their wives for not only their support but taking on difficult jobs behind the scenes as well.

Recent improvements the duo have brought to the club include a modern point of sales system, as well as a never-ending pursuit of better equipment to manage the course. In March of this year, they added virtual golf in the clubhouse. Look for the opportunity to stay on top of your game over the winter months with their state-of-the-art system. Indoor golf leagues will be reason enough to keep your clubs handy in the coming winter.

The sport of golf is frequently one that is stereotypically exclusive. The way Portland Country Club defies the stereotype may be one of its biggest strengths. Their brand of golf is approachable, without pretense. Nick says, “It’s a big family out here.” Nick’s wife, Tabitha, defines the atmosphere as having “the Cheers feel,” adding “everyone knows everybody here... It’s a big group of friends.”

Part of the team’s focus for the future is to spread their passion for golf to the future generation of golfers. In years past, youth golf camps have introduced the sport to Portland area youths. The team believes that reintroducing the youth camps is key to the future of the course. Educating children with an interest in the sport on the rules and etiquette will ensure years of enjoyment of the course for the community. Anticipate the youth camps to be around the second week of July.

The passion the Spedoske cousins have for not only golf, but Portland Country Club is palpable and sincere. Both men hold full-time employment apart from the course, but the drive to make PCC a destination pushes them to carry on. On why they do it, Nick replied “Because we love this place.”

With the thousands of hours of labor required to keep a golf course running smoothly, the one thing most golfers might not realize is how much they can help to keep up the course. Simple things like fixing divots and keeping golf carts on designated paths help to maintain an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Now that Michigan is finally shaking off winter, take the time to head out for a round of golf, join the family, and enjoy being part of the legacy that is Portland Country Club.


Left - Caiden Geller chips to the green. Justin and Colson Geller wait to putt.

Right - Colson Geller preparing to putt


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