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  • Jordan D. Smith

Public Works Changes Brush Pick Up

For many years the sight of brush stacked neatly at the curb the first Monday of the month has been a familiar sight. Starting April 1st that familiar routine is changing to different days for different part of the city. According to Department of Public Works director Ken Gensterblum, “the change in policy is intended to improve overall DPW operations, as well as improving services to the resident.”

The change in policy encompasses to major shifts. First, the city will be divided in two sections. Area 1 is east of the Grand River and south of Grand River Ave. Area two is the rest of the city west of the Grand River and north of Grand River Ave. The second change is that pick up will be on different days for these two areas. For area 1 brush will be picked up the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month. For area 2 pickup will be on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month. This change makes it easier for residents to dispose of brush by increasing the number of pick-ups per month. According to DPW director Gensterblum doing so, “...DPW is better able to schedule other important work that needs to be performed and the residents will now know what days they are on the rotation.”

This is especially important during times of the year, like the spring, when there is above average amounts of brush to collect. To help DPW staff, residents should avoid stacking brush in the gutter, or near obstacles like trees, signs, or utility boxes. Keeping stacks no longer than 8 feet long and in multiple smaller stacks as opposed to one large pile is also helpful, says Gensterblum, to decrease, “the chance of injury to employees and damage to city equipment.” In addition, no branches should be larger than 6 inches in diameter. Small branches and twigs should be tied together or placed in paper yard waste bags, or reusable yard waste containers. Stumps and root balls are not accepted.

Brush can be placed at the curb no earlier than 7:00am on the Friday before pick up day Gensterblum reminds readers that this service is for city residents only. In addition, self-haul brush drop off is still available for city residents at the DPD Monday to Friday between 7am and 3pm.

PHOTO: Courtesy the City of Portland.


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