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Portland Middle School and High School Honor Veterans Throughout the Fall

In a powerful display of gratitude and respect, Portland Middle School and High School took time to commemorate Veterans Day with a series of meaningful events, celebrating the service and sacrifice of our nation's heroes.

The day kicked off at Portland Middle School, where the school hosted a breakfast to honor and recognize the veterans in our community. Students from the MS Student Council and Leadership Team decorated and set up for the event, and served the guests throughout the morning. The Portland Middle School 7th/8th grade Choir performed the National Anthem as well. The event was a warm and welcoming gesture, providing an opportunity for students, staff, and community members to express their gratitude directly to the veterans who have selflessly served our country.

Meanwhile, Portland High School took a thoughtful approach by organizing a roundtable discussion, fostering dialogue between students and veterans. This gathering provided a platform for veterans to share their experiences, insights, and wisdom with the younger generation, creating a bridge between the past and the future.

Adding an extra layer of appreciation, Portland High School hosted a Military Appreciation football game earlier this fall on Friday, October 6th against Charlotte High School. The game not only showcased the athletic prowess of the school's football team against Charlotte High School but also served as a powerful platform to honor and acknowledge the contributions of the military community.

Leanna Davis, Principal of Portland Middle School, and Jamie DeWitt, Principal of Portland High School, expressed the significance of these events, saying, "It is crucial for our students to understand the importance of Veterans Day and to recognize the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who have served in the military. The breakfast, round table, and football game were all designed to create meaningful connections and show our deep appreciation for our veterans."

These events were not only an opportunity to express gratitude but also to educate the students about the significance of Veterans Day and the value of service to the nation. By fostering a sense of appreciation and understanding, Portland Middle School and High School aim to instill a lifelong respect for the military and its veterans.


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