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Portland High Shoebox Project aims to help children in Portland area through the holidays!

Would you like to help those in need have a happier holiday season? If so, you can get involved in the Portland High Shoebox Project. We continue to help children in Portland area through the holidays! Students are putting together shoeboxes filled with goodies for those in our own community in the hope that it will enrich their holiday.

Shoeboxes are to be brought in by Monday, December 6th and delivered to the Board Office. The collected boxes will be given to the Portland Community Foundation Christmas Giveaway for delivery with the toys and food that are being distributed throughout the community.

If you would like to get involved, this is what you need to do:

● Find a shoebox

● Wrap the bottom and the top of the box separately as we must be able to open it

● Decide the age and sex of the child/person that you are creating the box for

● Fill the box with new items

● Bring filled box to school and get it to your cadre teacher by December 6th

● Put a label on the outside showing the age and sex of the person that it is intended for.

● Make sure that items such as soap, shampoo or cream rinse are taped shut and in zip-lock bags so that they do not get all over should they break. This helps to keep the scent of hygiene products from spoiling candy or food items included.

Please DO NOT INCLUDE the following:

Used Items

War-related items - such as toy guns, knives, etc.

Medicines: vitamins, cough drops and the like

Breakable items - such as glass mirrors, snow globes etc.

Be very aware of the product recalls and scares regarding toys/toothpaste that you include

Should you have a question about an item, please see Mrs. Townsend in Room 409, email at , or follow the rule, "when in doubt, leave it out!"


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