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PHS Student Council and Portland Community Fund Join Forces for Successful Food Drive

Portland High School's Student Council, in collaboration with the Portland Community Fund, has concluded a highly successful food drive aimed at supporting local agencies and addressing food insecurity within the community. The campaign, which featured themed days to encourage students and community members to contribute specific items, created a diverse and well-rounded donation for those in need.

The initiative kicked off with "Mashed Potato Monday," focusing on collecting instant mashed potatoes. The drive continued with "Tin Tuesday," dedicated to gathering canned goods, followed by "Wobbly Wednesday," which saw the collection of Jell-O and pudding mix. "Thirsty Thursday" emphasized soup donations, and the campaign concluded with "Feasting Friday," encouraging participants to contribute a wide variety of food items to ensure a bountiful and diverse collection.

In a playful and spirited twist, students stored the food drive items in the office of Jamie DeWitt, Principal of Portland High School, in a fun attempt to "kick her out" of her office. This creative approach added an extra layer of excitement to the campaign, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the students and emphasizing the lighthearted spirit of giving.

"It's heartening to see our community come together to support one another, and I appreciate the playful attempt to take over my office. It's all in good fun and for a great cause" said Jamie DeWitt, Principal of Portland High School.

The Student Council worked to organize and promote the event. By collaborating with the Portland Community Fund, a local organization dedicated to supporting those in need, the school aimed to maximize the impact of the food drive and address the specific needs of the community.

The collected items were distributed to local agencies that provide vital assistance to individuals and families facing food insecurity. This collaborative effort between the Student Council and the Portland Community Fund underscores the importance of community engagement and the positive impact that can be achieved when organizations work together toward a common goal.


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