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Portland Civic Players Award 2022 Eddy-Bandfield Memorial Scholarship

The Portland Civic Players are dedicated to fostering a love of the arts and performing in the youth of our community. We believe being involved in the arts and theater provide valuable skills for everyone.

The “Eddy-Bandfield Memorial Scholarship” was created to honor 4 very influential members of our organization; Tom and Marilyn Bandfield and Bill and Anne Eddy. It is intended to ensure our youth continue to be involved in the arts beyond their time with us.

The scholarship is awarded to a high school senior(s) who have taken part in the Youth Summer Theater program for at least 4 years, participation in 4 Portland Civic Players productions or a combination of the two. This year, the Civic Players have awarded two students this scholarship, Ellen Pohl and Logan Reeves.

Ellen has literally been in the theater from infancy. When she was born, the Portland Civic Players were in the middle of the production of The Music Man. Her father, Brian, was running lights and Sara, her mother, was helping with make-up. Mom and dad brought her in tow and she bounced between the two while they worked. Growing up, she tagged along to the theater with her parents for many years until beginning summer theater, where she participated both on stage and off. She also showed off her acting talents during Beauty and the Beast, however, it is really the technical side of theater that she loves. She helped with make-up, props, and sets. Even though she is pursuing a biology degree from Central Michigan University, she still plans on finding ways to enjoy the arts in college, whether at a local drama group or with a community band.

Logan was a bit of a ‘late comer’ to our theater participating in Code Red in 7th grade. With a little prodding from her mom, Laurie (also a summer theater alum), she was in the cast of It’s a Wonderful Life with her mom and brother, Tyler. She was hooked and the rest, they say, is history. Logan participated in every year of summer theater with her favorite production being the Beatles Slept Here. PCP’s production of Beauty and the Beast also remains a favorite of hers. While she has been on stage many times, she has found her niche in the technical side of productions, including being an assistant stage manager with her mom while her dad, Adam, helped with some amazing sets. She will be attending Western Michigan University in the fall with a degree in technical production.

Both of our recipients have run lights and sound for many PCP productions as well as PHS Drama, including extra events at the school. We couldn’t be prouder of them and look forward to what the future holds. But, no matter where they go or what they do, they will always have a home at the Portland Community Theater.

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