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Mount Hope Church

Mount Hope Church of Portland is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Fellowship and it has had an important presence in Portland since 1991.

The Rev. Joe Robbe has served the church as pastor since its inception.

“Our mission is to reach and to disciple multi-generational followers of Christ,” he said.

Pastor Joe is married with three adult children and with nine grandchildren. He was graduated from the Berean School of the Assemblies of God Fellowship and is an ordained minister. He finds service to God and to his church to be immensely rewarding.

“The most fulfilling aspect of any ministry is seeing lives changed for the better when they encounter Jesus Christ,” said the pastor. “Many people come here with a background of alcohol, of drugs, or of other forms of brokenness and they find healing and purpose for living in the Person of Jesus,” he said. “Jesus is good at putting people’s lives back together.”

The congregation of Mount Hope Church presently numbers 120 people. Pastor Joe is proud of every one of them.

“My congregation is very friendly, very generous, and very servant-oriented,” he said. “Our secret is that we are ordinary people who are in love with an extraordinary God.”

Pastor Joe said that members of his congregation are always there to see to each other’s needs.

“I’ve seen members of our congregation go through tough times with medical and with financial crises and other members of our church have stepped up to help them through these times. Our members are very generous with their time, their talent, and their treasure and they are always willing to help each other get through difficult situations,” he said.

Pastor Joe said that he reaches people best with a contemporary style of worship.

“I do my best to make my preaching relevant to everyday issues that my congregation face,” he said. “The music that we use during services is also relevant to the times. We use contemporary songs performed on guitars, on drums, and on a keyboard. It all shows how the bible is relevant today.”

Pastor Joe said that his congregation is enthusiastic about Portland and that it wants to do its part for the city.

“So many people in Portland work hard to make the city a great place in which to live,” he said. “We want to do our part to assure the city’s continued success.”

Mount Hope Church

845 Ionia Road

Portland, MI 48875

Telephone: (517) 647-4136

Reach Pastor Joe Robbe at

Sunday Services at 10 AM


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