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Local Photographer Publishes Book

Local photographer, Danielle Jorae, always knew she wanted to be an artist and a writer one day. Her dream has finally become a reality with the recent publication of her book, “Lighthouses of Michigan - Lower Peninsula”

Jorae owns a small business, Reflections Photography, which focuses on portrait photography. She wanted to expand her business to highlight her other photo projects, so in 2021 she established a second photography business, Michigan Reflections, which focuses on Michigan landscapes. In growing this side of her business, she found herself traveling the state to get the perfect photos which has propelled her into achieving her dream of publishing a book.

“I’ve always wanted to publish a book,” Jorae said. “I’ve been writing stories since I was very young and even received writing awards throughout my school years. Being an artist has always come naturally to me so it made sense to use my creativity to develop a book that celebrates the state I love to travel so much.”

Jorae has been photographing places around Michigan for a long time but the development of Michigan Reflections in 2021 is what really pushed her to go further. “I began sharing the images I have taken around Michigan to followers on Facebook and Instagram and got wonderful feedback from all over the state” said Jorae “It has been a great way to show people what Michigan has to offer.”

“Michigan has the most lighthouses of any state, so photographing them seemed like a great way to celebrate the uniqueness and history of Michigan.” Jorae continued “I quickly decided that I was going to visit all that I could. But there are some lighthouses in Michigan that are not accessible so my goal became to visit (and climb) all the lighthouses accessible by land to get photographs of them.”

In 2022, as Jorae was close to reaching her goal of photographing these lighthouses, she ran across documents from her childhood that reminded her how much she wanted to publish a book someday. “It was in that moment that I decided I knew what I needed to do.” Said Jorae “There was no question in my mind that I needed to publish a book with these images and make a piece that allowed the artist and the writer in me to collide in the most special way.”

Jorae has plans to keep traveling and publish more books in the future.

The book is available for purchase locally at a small discount directly through Danielle here.

It can also be found on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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