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Local Family grows 175 Pound Pumpkin

The Smith Family of Lyons grew a great pumpkin!  It takes knowledge and skill in order to grow a pumpkin this size.  The Smith family read books, watched videos and practiced the skills they learned.  They worked together to care for all of their pumpkins, especially the largest one weighing in at 175 lbs!  Cortney Smith, mom, won the honor of carving the great pumpkin after estimating the closest weight.  "I'm excited to see what mom carves into it!" says Henry Smith (7).  "I'm going to sit inside of it!" says Allena Smith (4).  This pumpkin sets a new personal family record. 

"Typically we begin the process as early as April.  This year we started the pumpkins from seed right in the pumpkin patch in May," said Troy Smith.

20 other pumpkins weighed in over 60lbs.  "Our family enjoys working together and watching the pumpkins grow," shares Ben Smith (10). 

The previous record weighed in at 135 lbs. in 2013.  Troy Smith, dad, has set a goal of 200+lbs. for 2021.

Courtesy photo.


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