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  • Randy Hodge

It’s Time to Recognize the Need of Those Around You

This past weekend at Mass, our pastor, Reverend Michael Alber, spoke about how we frequently defer to organizations to help those around us who have some type of need. How often do we donate our money to some charity and never give it another thought about those in need? We donate money; therefore, we have done our part. The thing that most resonated with me was the idea that maybe it’s time for us to stop passing the buck to organizations and to start looking around our own community and helping those who have some need.

For most individuals, 2020 has been a year with many challenges, which makes it even more important for us to be aware of the needs of those around us. Take a moment to think of those living right in your neighborhood, or right here in your own community who may have some special need at this time. I am sure it is not too hard to find any of the following:

● A widow, widower, or an elderly couple who is feeling isolated and alone. Find a way to reach out and let them know you are there, whether it is a nice chat on the phone, sending a card or letter, or if they are tech savvy, help them set up a Zoom meeting.

● The single parent who has been working long hours trying to make ends meet. Go shopping and purchase things that help meet their most basic needs such as cleaning supplies, groceries, and laundry detergent; and a little extra cash would be most welcome.

● Medical personnel who may not have a financial need but may be exhausted from working long hours dealing with COVID patients. Make and deliver a meal with all the fixings.

● Police, fire, and ambulance personnel who can never be thanked enough for all that they do for their communities. Send a thank you note and let them know they are appreciated for their service.

● Teachers and school support staff who have been working under extreme stress since last March. A note of thanks with any little gift of appreciation goes a long way.

We, as individuals, or in small local groups, can go out of our way to say “thank you” to those who have been under a lot of stress throughout 2020. Shop locally keeping in mind that many small business owners are struggling as well, and then use those purchased items to build up and show appreciation to those living around us. Who doesn’t appreciate a gift certificate to eat at a local restaurant, a cup of coffee or hot tea, a bottle of wine, some type of service, or other treat?

By taking the time to go out of the way to recognize those who may be struggling in some way, you give the greatest gift you can possibly give this holiday season, and that is the gift of hope. We all can be that person; we do not need others to do it for us. May God bless your holiday season and go make a difference.

Randy Hodge is the High School Principal at St. Patrick School in Portland.


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