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Ionia County K9 performs Safety Check at PHS

The following text is from an email sent to PHS parents on December 8th by Portland High School Principal Jamie DeWitt.

“Today, PHS, in collaboration with Portland Police and the Ionia County Sherriff's Department engaged in a safety search with the Ionia County K9 unit. This unit is trained to identify substances that are illegal and are not able to be on the premise. We expect to participate in these safety checks multiple times each year and will use multiple K9 units that are trained for various substances. The goal is to keep our schools drug and weapon free.

It is protocol for the school to go on "secure mode" during this time so that the K9 unit can check lockers, bathrooms, and locker rooms without students present. If classrooms are selected for a safety check, students are escorted out of the classroom before a check is completed.

I want to thank the PHS staff and the students for their participation and professionalism.

As a note, please remember that any and all medications need to be administered through the main office. Students are only able to carry epipens and inhalers. Any other medication, including Ibuprophen and Acetaminophen, should have the medication paperwork completed and the medication stored in the main office.”


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