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Ionia County Career Center celebrates 2023 award winners

Ionia County Career Center held its annual award ceremonies on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, honoring their countywide students at the career center. We greatly appreciate everyone who was able to take time out of their busy schedule to attend and support the students!

The top three awards given are the Program Award, Distinguished Student Award & Scholarships.


A student is nominated by their instructor as the individual who represents the highest accomplishments. This award goes to the student “Most Likely to Succeed”.


Senior students are nominated by their instructors. One student per district is selected by the staff as the best overall Ionia County Career Center representative including attendance, technical and related academic skills, extra-curricular involvement, attitude, and leadership ability.


We were honored to give out $8500 in scholarships to students this year!

Student Advisory Scholarships

Student Advisory Scholarships are awarded from funds raised by Ionia County Career Center Student Advisory throughout the 2022-2023 school year. This year some of the notable fundraisers were the shirt orders, change wars, MOO-Ville, Wagon Wheel, and pickle & popcorn sales.

Program Scholarships

This year our Culinary Arts, Diesel Technology, Machine Tool & Plant & Animal Science gave out specific program scholarships to selected students.

Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation

The Hospital Foundation knows how important it is that local residents gain the skills to be our communities' healthcare providers of tomorrow. The Sparrow Ionia Hospital Foundation scholarship was awarded to Melanie Meyers.


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