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Hope Lutheran Church

Hope Lutheran Church has had a presence in Portland since 1965. Affiliated with the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, it offers a conservative Protestant perspective to the community. The Rev. Arnold Kunde serves it as pastor.

The Rev. Kunde was graduated from the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary and he has been a minister for thirty-five years. He has been associated with Hope Lutheran Church since November, 2021.

“The most rewarding aspect of my ministry is that of telling people about Jesus and His saving grace,” said Pastor Kunde.

The Rev. Kunde enjoys working with people and in being there for them at important moments of their lives, such as when they marry, when they give birth to a child, or when a loved one passes.

“These situations remind us that we have a home in Heaven with Jesus,” said the pastor.

Pastor Kunde said that there are thirty members in his congregation. These individuals and families include senior citizens as well as younger people and children. The pastor said that his church draws people from Lyons, DeWitt, and Grand Rapids, as well as from the Portland area.

“Many of our congregants are active in volunteer work around Portland,” he said. “They help with such things as food and clothing distribution in the community. Our faith encourages this involvement.”

The Rev. Kunde said that people who are interested in his church are invited to visit it.

“Anyone who comes to us is made to feel welcome,” said the pastor. “They will hear the truth of God’s Word and of what Jesus has done for them. Every Sunday we focus on the two principal teachings of the Bible. These things include Divine Law and the Gospel of Jesus.”

Pastor Kunde is a special person in that he is eighty-one years of age and he is still actively involved in ministry. He attributes his longevity and his ability to still participate in effective ministry to the love of God and to God’s continuing goodness to him. People may hear his preaching on Sunday mornings with a Bible study afterward.

“Anyone who would like to visit us on Sunday morning at our worship service is welcome to do so,” he said. “We will welcome them with open arms and with open hearts.”

Hope Lutheran Church

10521 E. Grand River Avenue

Portland, MI 48875

Telephone: (989) 277-7916

The Worship Service on Sunday is at 10:30 AM with Bible School afterward.

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