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  • Kurt Fedewa on behalf of Downtown Portland

Featured Business - Portland Party Store & Cree Mee

Joshua Cross is the proud owner of the Portland Party Store, a convenience store serving the Portland area.

Josh purchased the store eight years ago and has been running it successfully ever since that time.

“Pizza is our principal focus,” said Josh. “We make our own dough and we use only the best ingredients in order to produce a high quality product,” he said.

But the Portland Party Store is much more than great pizza.

“We make fresh donuts every morning,” Josh continued. “And included in our line of products is craft beer and wine, as well as standard snacks and such,” he said.

In 2017, Josh opened an important addition of his business called the “Cree Mee”. It is an ice cream parlor serving Mooville ice cream.

“It is exciting to bring back the Cree Mee,” said Josh. “It was started by my grandfather Marvin Thrasher in 1954 and he ran it well into the 1980s. My grandfather was an inspiration to me. He is the principal reason why I am on my career path,” Josh explained.

Josh enjoys operating his business. “We have a lot of fun running the store,” he said. “I especially enjoy my employees. They care about fine customer service. We get a lot of good reviews about the people who work for us. That makes all the difference to me,” he said.

Josh appreciates Portland. “It’s a great family-oriented community and it’s a great place to run a business,” he said. “We thank the community for its continued support of us and we hope to be here for many years to come.”

This piece was originally published in the Downtown Portland newsletter for June 2021. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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