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Featured Business: iDrive Academy

Brian and Jessica DeShane operate the iDrive Academy — an automobile driving school for teens under eighteen years of age.

“Many people are surprised to learn that high schools no longer offer driving classes,” said Jessica. “All driving schools are now privately owned or they are part of a franchise,” she said.

Brian and Jessica have been at their business for just over one year.

“There is a shortage of driving schools and driving teachers in Michigan,” said Jessica. “After having trouble finding a teacher for our son, we decided that there is an unmet need for this service and that it is something that we can help do,” she said.

Jessica enjoys being a driving school owner.

“Driving is a big step in a teen’s life and it is very fulfilling for us to be part of that,” she said. “It’s important to help other people. I believe that this is what makes a community strong.”

Brian and Jessica began operation of their school by offering online classes and they are expanding their school’s services into other features of driving education.

“We now have a space in downtown Portland and our next step is to add a virtual driving simulator to our academy in order to help people who have an initial fear of driving on the road. The simulator will help relieve their anxiety by giving them a taste of what driving a car is like,” said Jessica.

Jessica feels good about doing business in Portland. “This community is so supportive to its people,” she said. “It cares about everyone here. I am very grateful for what it has done for us. We would not be where we are today without the support of Portland.”

131 Kent Street Suite A


M-F 10a-6p Sat & Sun 10a-1p

This piece was originally posted in the Downtown Portland monthly newsletter for February 2023. You can find the complete newsletter HERE.


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