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Featured Business: Fabiano's Westside Grocery

Mark and Toni Fabiano are the proud owners of Fabiano’s Westside Grocery, a convenience store and much more located on Portland’s west side. Zac Fox serves the Fabiano’s as head chef.

Fabiano’s has recently expanded its services into new areas of food service. They have added a deli and an enlarged grocery section of the store. The deli includes fresh pizza, all home made, and an ice cream parlor will be in place at the location in the spring of this year. “Our family has been making pizza for over forty years,” said Mark. “It has brought us great success no doubt because of the high quality ingredients that we use. We hand select only the best ones.”

The deli also includes breakfast items, including breakfast burritos, breakfast pizza, and a loaded hash brown breakfast bowl. “Our breakfast pizza originated at my parent’s restaurant in downtown Portland forty years ago,” said Mark. “We have added it to our line because of high demand for this item.”

The deli also offers lunch items such as chicken quarters. “In addition to chicken we have ribs, mac and cheese, and scalloped potatoes. We also have subs and salads, which are available all day,” said Mark.

Fabiano’s continues to offer groceries including fresh produce. “We have tripled the size of the grocery area,” said Mark. “We have the largest selection of alcohol in the Portland area, and we stay current with the latest trends in these products,” said Mark.

In the spring of this year, Fabiano’s will begin selling fresh ice cream at its new ice cream parlor. “We will have two soft serve flavors and twelve hard pack flavors, as well as a variety of toppings,” said Mark. “Our vision with our new deli and with out new ice cream parlor is to serve customers who are frequenting Fr. Flohe Field during and after athletic contests there.”

Mark was born and raised in Portland and he feels a strong connection to the community. “Portland is a beautiful community and I feel grateful to be here,” he said.

Zac Fox, Fabiano’s head chef, attended Portland Schools and he also thinks highly of Portland. “It’s a great place to be and I love working with the Fabianos,” said Zac

Fabiano’s deli and expanded grocery section is now operational and is available to the community. The ice cream parlor is set to open in May. Mark invites everyone to check out his new facility. He hopes to see all of his friends there soon.

751 W. Grand River Ave


M-F 6a-10p Sat & Sun 7a-10p

Pictured L-R Toni & Mark Fabiano, Chef Zac Fox

This piece was originally published in the Downtown Portland Newsletter for February 2024. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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