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Featured Business: Cunningham Insurance

Shannon Cunningham is the proud owner of Cunningham insurance and she specializes in Medicare, Medicaid, life, health, and mortgage protection insurance. “I sell the policies that most agents in Portland are not selling,” said Shannon. “This is my market niche and I do my utmost to serve my clients effectively.”

Medicare supplements and Medicare advantage plans are a specialty of Shannon. “I talk to my clients in order to find out their needs,” said Shannon. “Then I select several plans that suit them. We then compare the various options and I help the client make the right choice. Information is key in making the right choice. I recently worked with a client who was set on a particular Medicare plan until we compared the various options. Then he realized that a different plan would save him a lot of money, so he went with that one.”

Shannon said that it’s good to have a local person available for one’s insurance needs. She said that people can easily drop by her office and ask questions or review their plans, with a local person that they know. “I never charge a fee for information,” said Shannon. “I provide information as a service to the community.”

Beyond Medicare, Shannon also assists clients who wish to purchase low-cost health insurance. “Anyone who has an annual income between $19k and $28k generally qualifies for low-cost or even no-cost health insurance,” she said. “I talk to them about their needs including who their doctor is and about their preferred pharmacy. We compare plans and they are then in a position to choose the plan that best serves them.”

Shannon also sells mortgage protection policies. “Mortgage protection is for people who carry a mortgage and who want to protect their home or their business in the event of disability or of death,” she said. “This protection is very important because it protects their family.”

And finally, Shannon sells life insurance. “Life insurance has evolved over the years in new ways,” she said. “There is now available a feature called “living benefits” which helps the policy holder to utilize the policy in the event of a serious illness such as heart attack or of stroke. The policy pays them and helps them through the illness until they get back on their feet.”

Annual enrollment for Medicare is fast approaching. Shannon said that now is the time for seniors to review their Medicare policy.

“Medicare changes every year,” said Shannon. “And a different plan this year might work better for someone. I am pleased to help clients with this at no charge to them. It’s a service that I offer to the community and it can make an important difference in a senior’s life. I encourage anyone with questions to call me. I am in a position to help them and the right insurance choice can make all the difference in the world to them.”


227 Maple St. Suite B


Shannon is available by appointment and she does make house calls.

This piece was originally published in the Downtown Portland Newsletter for October 2023. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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