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Featured Business: 2 Rivers Nutrition

“Shannon Hansen is the proud owner of “2 Rivers Nutrition,” a cafe in Portland that specializes in highly nutritious beverages and snacks. “I sell protein shakes. tea bombs, protein coffee, and protein balls,” said Shannon. “My products are loaded with protein, are low in calories, have very little sugar in them, and are delicious. My protein shakes taste like ice cream.”

Shannon’s products are indeed high in nutrition. Shannon said that using her products is a great way to start a weight-loss program or to build muscle. “The benefits of my products are that they enhance people’s health,” said Shannon. “It’s a quick way to get a meal in, as they can provide a full meal’s nutrition in a matter of minutes. The shake has 24 grams of protein and has only 300 calories. The protein coffee comprises the best of both worlds, having the benefit of nutrition with the energy enhancement of an energy drink.”

The cafe is located on East Bridge Street. “We have about a dozen seats in the shop for people who wish to linger,” said Shannon. “Some people simply pick up a drink or other product on a ‘grab and go’ basis. And that works well, too.”

Shannon was motivated to start up her own nutrition cafe while working at her sister’s cafe in Battle Creek. She decided that it was something she wanted to do herself in Portland. “I’d often thought about being a business owner and when the opportunity came along, I decided that it is something at which I could be successful,” said Shannon.

Shannon has been in business for eighteen months. She said that the most important thing that she has done for her business is to utilize Facebook. “I post pictures and nutritional offers on Facebook,” she said. “I give customers a dollar off their product when they post a picture of their drink on this social platform. This business practice reaches a lot of people and it gets knowledge of my business around town.”

Shannon said that the thing she likes most about her business is the opportunity to be social with her customers. She said that she has good conversations with the people who frequent her cafe and this brightens everyone’s day, including hers. “I encourage everyone to stop by, to take a look at the menu, and to enjoy a quick break,” she said. “After people try a product, they leave the cafe feeling better. I love helping people and my cafe provides me with an opportunity to do this. If someone is struggling to eat well or if they simply need an energy boost, then I have a cure for that.” Products are also available to order in bulk.

1218 E. Grand River Ave.


Hours: Mon thru Fri 6am– 4pm; Saturday 10am—2pm

This piece was originally posted in the Downtown Portland newsletter for April 2024. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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