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  • Robert Lathers

Election Day Voting Calm Exceeds Expectations. Goodman, Huhn and Shinaver win six year terms.

Ionia County Clerk Greg Geiger reports that election day voting went, “Better than anticipated.”  Geiger said that unofficially 69%, or 32,371 voters, of all Ionia County registered voters, turned out to cast ballots.  Geiger told the Beacon this afternoon that, “Voting was steady all day.  No problems were reported to me.  Lines were long, but it was a long ballot.  There were no reports of harassment.  All the clerks had completed counting before 2 AM.”  Geiger claimed that he is confident that the counts from yesterday are accurate, but that at this time they are unofficial.  A final canvas (verification) will be completed tomorrow. 

The most local election affecting Portland area voters was the local school board election.  Incumbent Beth Goodman (3200 votes) and recently appointed Board member Andrew Huhn (1797 votes) were chosen by area voters to continue on the school board for six more years.  Angela Shinaver (2209 votes) also her first six-year term on the school board and will join the Board in January.   

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