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Crew Member Mac Jenks gives preview of PHS spring musical production “The Addams Family”

My name is Mac Jenks and I’m a crew member in the Portland High School’s drama production of The Addams Family. I was a cast member for a few years of summer theatre when I was younger, but I definitely enjoy being a part of the crew now. I’m in charge of makeup and wigs this year, which means that for every cast member I have to make sure they have what makeup they need and keep up on inventory when we run low. Wig styling is something I’ve never had the opportunity to do before, but I’m enjoying it so far. I’ve gotten to curl, tease, back-comb, brush, straighten, and spray our wigs for the production this year, as well as practice with a bald cap for one of our actors. This is the first time doing makeup for a lot of our cast, so I’ve been helping them as much as I can, and working with some of them extra to make sure they’re at their best for our production. My role is a lot less intense than a lot of the others, such as stage manager, or set crew, but I’m glad for the lighter work-load with everything else going on in my life. I wouldn’t give up theatre for anything though, this has been a very fun process and I can’t wait for the final production after dress rehearsals.

I’ve been doing makeup for a few years now, but not as much theatre makeup. I do makeup in my free time, including editorial styles and drag; I’ve even done a few clown looks just to see if I could. For me, makeup is an art form, first and foremost a form of expression. I’ve never bothered with “conventionally attractive” or “socially acceptable” makeup, because I think makeup should be about having fun. There’s nothing wrong with conventional makeup, I think it’s an art form in itself that takes tons of dedication and hard-work (especially contour), but I’ve always enjoyed stranger looks more. I take a lot of inspiration from drag artists, alternative subcultures (such as trad goth, scene, punk, gyaru, and decora), editorial and modeling makeup, and clowns. I believe in self-expression, and makeup is one of my favorite ways to do so. I encourage everyone to try makeup at some point in their lives.

Courtesy photo.


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