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Business Spotlight — “Portland C-Store”

Jon Davis is the proud owner of the Portland C-Store, a gasoline and convenience store located in downtown Portland.

Jon and his company bought the store from the Keusch family five years ago. Jon has done everything possible to maintain the location’s high standards.

“We try to play an important role in people’s weekly activity— to make a stop at our store to be a positive experience,” said Jon. ‘We do this by selling as many high quality options as possible. These include gasoline, snacks, coffee, hot foods, beer, and wine,” he said.

Jon credits the success of the store to its manager, Judy Zander. “Judy has been with us for twenty-four years,” he said. “She’s very responsible and personable. She’s an all-star,” he said.

Jon and his company do what they can to promote Portland. They support local schools and athletic teams, as well as Beer on the Bridge. “We try to bring flair to the town and to fit-in. As a small operation we can be more flexible at this than that of a large company,” he said.

Jon designed the exterior of the store to complement the historic look of downtown Portland. “The downtown area of Portland is beautiful. We want our store to match it,” he said.

Jon and his company have focused very hard on having a safe and clean store during the pandemic.

“It shows the high-level of dedication that our employees have toward our customers,” he said.

Finally, Jon thinks highly of Portland. “I have been blown away by the loyalty that Portland people have toward their community,” he said. “Portland is a great place to do business. We are proud to be here and we hope to be here for many years to come.”

This piece was originally posted in the November newsletter from Downtown Portland. You can find the full newsletter HERE.


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