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  • Jordan D. Smith

Beacon Readers Share Favorite River Excursions

I recently got into kayaking. They say everyone needs a good hobby. I like the outdoors, and the water so it seemed like a natural fit. I bid on and won a kayak at the St. Pat’s Shamrock Auction and hit the water with little to no idea where I was going. After a very long (but fun!) trip on the Grand River I realized that while the joy of exploration is great perhaps it would be better to avail myself of the group wisdom of the Portland community and especially the readership of the Portland Beacon. Here are a collection of the best river excursions and wisdom from the residents of the “city of two rivers.”

Short Trips ~ 1.5 hours

Grand River from Thompson Field to the Portland Dam

Looking Glass from Community Lake to Two Rivers Park

Medium Trips ~ 4-5 hours

Grand River from Erdman Road to Thompson Field

Grand River from Charlotte Highway to Erdman Road.

Looking Glass River from Howe Road to Community Lake

Grand River from Jones Road to Charlotte Highway

Grand River from Okemos Road to Thompson Field

Long Trips ~ 6-8 hours

Grand River from Charlotte Highway to Thompson Field

Grand River from Charlotte Highway to the Portland Dam

Looking Glass River from Wacousta Road to Two Rivers Park

Grand River from State Street to Charlotte Highway

Map Image: Courtesy of Google Maps


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