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  • Robert Lathers

City Preparing to re-open following Governor Whitmer’s New Executive Order

Portland City Manager, Tutt Gorman, informed the City Council, at its Monday night meeting, that City Hall will soon re-open its lobby to the public once it installs personal protection shields and other equipment necessary to protect citizens and staff. Gorman pointed out that City services were un-interrupted throughout the shelter-in-place period over the last ten weeks due to a drive-up window as well as the diligence of city staff.

City parks will soon be open as well. Signs restricting use of playground equipment were removed last week. Gorman said that other city spaces will also be open soon, but that social distancing practices will continue to need to be adhered to. No more than 100 people can congregate under the Governor’s new executive order.

The City will decide about hosting 4th of July Fireworks in the next couple of days. The fireworks have traditionally been paid for and supported by the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber ceased to exist late last year but had already purchased fireworks for this year. If the 4th of July Fireworks are held, they will most likely be at Bogue Flatts. Watch the Beacon for updates regarding the issue.

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