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  • Jordan D. Smith

Portland Police on Lookout for Drivers Illegally Turning Left into Olivera’s Parking Lot

For many of us staying home and staying safe to slow the spread of disease, take-out from local restaurants like Olivera’s in Portland is an important source of a feeling of normalcy. Staying safe however involves more than social distancing and face coverings. Portland Police Chief Star Thomas wants the community to know that the PPD is on the lookout for unsafe driving in the area.

Specifically, Chief Thomas says that drivers approaching from the west are the culprits. “...vehicles approaching from the West (Grand River/ East Bridge) and turning left into the Olivera's parking lot...use the center turn lane meant for traffic turning on to Bridge St,” said Thomas, “the pavement markings don't indicate an allowed turn, and there is a "No Left Turn" sign at the entrance to Olivera's.” Customers approaching from the west should use the Olivera’s entrance off of Bristie St. On a recent evening, Beacon staff went to view the intersection in question and only had to wait about 3 minutes to observe a driver making the type of illegal turn Thomas described.

While traffic is lighter now, the primary concern is that once the stay home order is lifted and restaurants resume dine in service, that this could lead to accidents in the area if the turn lane is used incorrectly. According to Chief Thomas the PPD is increasing enforcement in this area to keep motorists safe. “Violators can be warned or issued citations for the improper lane use or improper turn,” a consequence she said that can also lead to motorists facing, “court assessed fines and costs and the addition of points to their drivers license by the Secretary of State.”

PHOTO: Jordan D. Smith, Google Maps

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