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Featured Business: Lites Plus

Todd and Nancy Kananen are the proud owners of Lites Plus, a local business that sells lighting products to commercial and to industrial customers.

Lites Plus has been in existence since 1987, when a previous owner created the company. The Kananen’s bought the business in 2018 and they have been running it successfully since that time.

High-quality customer service and excellent products are what set Lites Plus apart from other lighting businesses.

“We offer a wider variety of products than are found in big box home improvement stores, and our products feature a longer warranty than those sold in big box businesses,” said Todd. Todd leverages his background in energy management to help him provide high-level service to his customers.

“I’m in a position to accurately assess the needs of my customers and to save them a lot of money in energy costs,” he said. “My manufacturing experience with companies such as Siemens, DTE, and BASF taught me knowledge of energy conservation and how to save money with it,” he explained.

Todd and Nancy have four children and six grandchildren. They live in Howell, Michigan, but they think highly of Portland. “I think that Portland is a great community,” said Todd. “My wife and I have met a lot of good people here and we’ve done what we could to assist the local area,” he said.

When all is said and done, Todd and Nancy’s success formula is simple but effective. “We focus on customer service,” said Todd. “We do a lot of extra things for our customers. We provide added value to them by going beyond their expectations.”

Lites Plus is a valuable asset of Portland. Todd can be reached by telephone at 517-647-9920 or by email at

227 Maple St. Portland, MI 48875

Hours Monday-Friday 10AM-3PM

Telephone: 517-647-9920

This piece was originally published in Downtown Portland March Newsletter.

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