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  • James Townsend

Rep. Calley supports plan to provide communities options when facing high-water levels

State Rep. Julie Calley, of Portland, supported a plan to help protect families facing damage to their homes, businesses, streets, and other public infrastructure caused by high water levels.

The measure, approved by the Michigan House today, helps allow local governments to issue temporary emergency rulings to slow down boat traffic in high-water areas. The plan is necessary because, under current law, it can take several months or years to obtain necessary permitting.

“We must be prepared and act as quickly and efficiently as possible to mitigate damage,” Calley said. “This is a necessary step to protect our communities and waterways – not just for right now, but for years to come.”

Rep. Calley has been committed to finding solutions for this ongoing problem. She has attended numerous local meetings and participated in lake tours to better understand the complexities and urgency of rising water levels.

“One of our greatest resources has become one of our greatest challenges,” Calley said. “Empowering local boards to enact temporary ordinances will be a significant improvement to our current options.”

HB 5463 now advances to the Senate for further consideration.

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