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  • Robert Lathers

Little Shop of Horrors Cast, Parents and Teachers Come Together to Build Set for Opening Night

Its Saturday morning at Portland High School. The sound of drilling, sawing and pounding weaves through the hallways. The smell of paint floats in the air. There are people scurrying everywhere working earnestly to build the set for opening night. A group of students get into position and lift an 8' wall that had been constructed and painted on the stage floor. It's an amazing performance in itself. Rumor has it that even Superintendent Will Heath stopped by last week to help students design some steps that needed to be built (Although there is some debate as to how helpful he actually was). It is all an example of the importance and attraction of theatre at Portland Public Schools.

Opening night for The Little Shop of Horrors is March 12th. Performances are also scheduled for March 13th and 14th. It promises to be quite an amazing production especially as the man-eating plant “Audrey 2” will be played by, well, by Audrey 2 himself. Audrey 2 is scheduled to arrive by special transport, from out of state, just in time for the first performance. (This is probably the place to remind everyone that this Musical is not advised for small children).

Little Shop of Horrors is being directed and produced by Portland High Schools Theatre and Drama teacher, Chandra Polasek. It has a cast of nineteen. Portland Schools Music Director, Mike Sulecki, will perform with and direct a live music soundtrack.

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