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  • James Townsend

Santa Claus Visited Portland this Weekend

Santa Claus made a special trip to Portland this past weekend and visited several places including the VFW Hall for his annual Portland Chamber of Commerce "Breakfast with Santa" event.

Santa told the Beacon that he was a little disappointed that there was no snow but all things considered he had a great time and couldn't wait to come back on Christmas Eve.

When asked if he had enough time to get ready for Christmas considering how late Thanksgiving was this year he responded, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh my yes!. The elves have been extra busy, but they are right on schedule as usual. Besides, once I get my naughty and nice list completed I just have to sit back and let everyone else do their work. The elves kind of like it if I am not around the North Pole micromanaging them. Ho. Ho. Ho!" When asked, what he worried about the most this year, Santa said "there are so many needs out there, I just hope everyone helps each other out a little bit."

When twin sisters Callie and Laney Brown walked into the room and saw Santa they sprinted into his arms and gave him a big hug. Everyone could tell that Santa liked that a lot. Even adults got a chance to sit by Santa and have their picture taken. Before he left Santa reminded everyone to remember cookies and milk on Christmas Eve. "I can never seem to get enough of those", he said. When the Beacon asked Santa what he wanted for Christmas, Santa said, "You know not everyone asks me that. But, all I ever really want personally is Peace on Earth."

Merry Christmas Santa and thanks for visiting Portland

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