Portland Family Chiropractic hosting 5th Annual Pumpkin Contest

In 2015 Dr. Jason Williamson thought it would be fun to have a contest in the office. He also always has loved Halloween and carving pumpkins. Why not combine them, he thought. What began as a fun bonding activity among the staff at Portland Family Chiropractic in 2015, has grown tremendously over the years. What we initially thought of as a fun thing to do for us and our patients, has become much more than that. It has turned into an event looked forward to by the community each year.

How it works is, each member of the staff, including the doctors, has a placemat sized area on the counter to work with. They may carve, or decorate their pumpkin however they choose. Through the years we have had some amazing pumpkin displays. The pumpkins remain on display for 2 days. Each display is numbered, so no one knows who made each one. Our patients and the public are encouraged to vote for their favorite. The office staff member who gets the most votes wins a gift card to a location of their choosing. Pictures and a video of the displays in posted on our Facebook office page and people can vote there also, however, only voting in the office counts for the gift certificate contest.

We used to get just the patients through the door voting on which is their favorites. Now we have non-patients coming in just to vote. The last couple years we have had over 500 votes each year and that number is growing each year.

On our office Facebook page, we have pictures of all the pumpkins over the years. Check them out and let us know your favorites. We hope to see you soon voting for your favorite!

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