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  • Jim Townsend

Raiders Roll Over Eaton Rapids to 43-7 to Earn Share of League Title and Qualify for Playoffs

The Raiders hosted the Greyhounds of Eaton Rapids on Friday night for Portland’s 2019 Homecoming. The explosive offense of the Red Raiders coupled with the team’s dominant defensive performance would lead to a 43-7 win, guaranteeing at least a share of the CAAC White conference championship and qualifying the Raiders for the MHSS playoffs.

After forcing the Greyhounds to punt in their first possession, Portland would take over on the Eaton Rapids 38. A few plays later senior running back Jordan Selby would get the Raiders on the scoreboard with a 31-yard touchdown run up the middle of the field. Junior kicker Cameron’s Roof point after was no good, and the Raiders had an early 6-0 lead.

Eaton Rapids would start their next possession on their own 18 and was able to move the ball to their own 43, but were not able to cross midfield.

Portland would start on their own 20 after a Greyhound punt, and after a huge run by Selby, senior running back Blake Meyers would break free for a 25-yard touchdown run. Portland went for a two-point conversion but the junior receiver Trevor Williams was knocked down. Portland would extend their lead to 12-0

After Roof put the kickoff into the Eaton Rapids endzone, the Greyhounds would start at their own 20. After being forced into a 4th and 13 situation, Eaton Rapids would punt the ball away again.

Portland would start in excellent field position starting off at the ER 24. After the ER defense made a nice play to push the Raiders back, Selby would reach the endzone again when he scored on a 33-yard pass from senior QB Owen Russell. Roof would connect on the point after, extending the Raider lead to 19-0.

The Greyhounds would start on their own 17 and would continue to struggle as the Raider defense routinely chased ER’s junior QB Lucas Alvarez from the pocket. The Greyhounds would be forced once again.

As Portland started on their own 35 with 3:54 remaining in the first quarter, the Greyhounds would make their first defensive stand of the game, pushing the Raiders into a 4th and 6 and Roof’s first punt of the night.

ER would start on their own 30 and were able to earn one first down on a pass to sophomore receiver Nathan Dick, moving them to their 41. Two plays later, Raider senor linebacker Carson Frewen would intercept the pass from Alvarez, and the Raiders would take over at their own 48.

Meyers would take advantage of the strong blocking of his offensive line and broke free for his second touchdown of the night, this time a 52-yard run. Roof would connect on the point after and the Raiders would lead 26-0 with 1:27 left in the first.

They Greyhounds would start on their own 20 after Roof put another kickoff into the endzone.

As the second quarter began, ER started to build a little momentum of their own. That momentum shifted quickly as the Greyhounds would fumble the ball and Portland sophomore Reis Phillips would recover it.

The Raiders would start on the ER 38, and with 11:39 remaining in the second quarter, senior running back Gavin McGregor would bust free for a 38-yard TD run. After Roof connected on the PAT, Portland would lead 33-0.

After Roof put another kickoff into the endzone, the Greyhounds would again start on their own 20.

After gaining one first down, the Greyhounds would again be forced to punt.

Portland would start off on their own 44. After a nice run around the right side of the Raider line by sophomore Haden Getchell, the Portland drive would have them sitting on the ER 18, where Roof would connect on a field goal, extending the Raider lead to 36-0 with 6:00 remaining in the second.

After the Greyhounds started on their own 20 and made two first downs on pass plays, the Raiders would take the ball back when Meyers would intercept Alvarez’s pass on the Portland 41.

Portland was put into a fourth and long situation and lined up to punt. The punter Roof kept the ball and ran along the Raider sideline to pick up a first down. Soon after, Raider senior Zach Schrauben would break free for a 25-yard TD run. Roof connected on the PAT and Portland led 43-0 with 0:51 remaining in the second.

Roof put the kickoff into the Greyhound endzone once again and ER would start on their own 20. Portland sophomore Ethan Patrick would intercept Alvarez’s pass and run it back to the ER 14.

The first half would come to an end with Portland leading 43-0.

During the homecoming festivities at halftime, Bailey Badgero was named queen and Cade Simon king.

The second half would move quickly with the MHSAA running clock rule due to the score difference.

After forcing Portland to punt, the Greyhounds would finally get on the scoreboard with 2:48 remaining in the third when Alvarez connected with junior Zach Dassance on a 19-yard TD pass. The PAT by senior Marshall Meeder was good, moving the score to 43-7.

Bothe teams would fail to score again and the Raiders would earn a 43-7 victory.

After the game, Raider head coach John Novara said, “I thought our kids started fast and played well in the first half. We were able to get a lot of our reserves in and they played well in the second half. I thought our kids were ready to go and we will have to be again next week. We accomplished two goals tonight, we qualified for the playoffs and earned a share of the league championship.”

Scoring by Quarter

Portland 26-17-0-0 = 43

Eaton Rapids 0-0-0-7= 7

Scoring Summary

1st Quarter

Jordan Selby 21 yard TD run

XPT Failed

Blake Meyers 35 yard TD run

2PT Failed

Owen Russell to Jordan Selby 33 yard TD Pass

Cameron Roof XPT

Blake Meyers 52 yd TD run

Roof XPT

2nd Quarter

Gavin MCGregor 38 yard TD run

Roof XPT

Cameron Roof 36 yard FG

Zach Schrauben 21 yd TD run

Roof XPT

4th Quarter

Alvarez to Dassance 19 yard TD pass

Meeder XPT

Portland Rushing Totals

Blake Meyers 3 for 92 2 TD's

Gavin McGregor 3 for 48 1 TD

Jordan Selby 2 for 76 1 TD

Haden Getchell 12 for 44

Michael Gross 6 for 21

Zach Schrauben 3 for 41 1 TD

Reis Phillips 2 for 9

Jace Gillette 2 for 24

Owen Russell 2 for 0

Portland Passing Totals

Owen Russell 1 for 2 for 33yd 1 TD

Portland Defense Totals

Kobe Kazamer 7

Carson Frewn 6 1 INT

Ethan Patrick 3 1 INT

Trent Meyers 2 1 INT

The Raiders next action will be Friday the 11th when they host the Bulldogs of Ionia. Ionia is 2-4 on the season with wins over Wyoming Kellogsville and Charlotte, and losses to Hillsdale, Lansing Catholic, Eaton Rapids and Lansing Sexton.

For more photos from homecoming game, including the homecoming court, please see our album on the Beacon Facebook page.

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