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  • James Townsend

Portland Cruisers Calling Local Business Owners

The Portland Cruisers are kicking off the Portland 150th Anniversary Celebration with a Cruise Night. This will take place Friday Sept 20th from 6:00 until 8:00 pm.

We have a cruise route set up and would love to get all of you involved. During the cruise you can pick out your favorite vehicle and hand them a slip with your business name for a trophy that you will award the owner around 7:30pm.

At that time, you will introduce yourself and tell everyone about your business (how long you have owned it, what is your products, hours of operation, etc.

Trophies are $26.00 each. It will state "Portland 1869-2019 150th Anniversary" and your Business name!

If you would like to participate, contact S&K Trophies at (517) 647-7374 to order yours by Sept 1st. For more information call Mike V at (517)927-4279 or Mike S at (517)896-8896 or Tom K at (517)230-0114.

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