• James Townsend

Taco Bell May Be Returning to Portland

City Officials have been notified that the Taco Bell Corporation is exploring a return to Portland soon. It is believed that properties near Exit 77 are under consideration as a potential site.

Exit 77 is a very popular stopping point for travelers of I-96. It is the only exit in an almost sixty-mile stretch, between 28th Street in Grand Rapids and Saginaw Hwy on the west side of Lansing, that offers a concentrated area of multiple fast food franchises, other restaurants and gas stations.

Taco Bell was previously located in Portland at the site that is currently Olivera’s Restaurant. Taco Bell’s closest restaurants to Portland are currently on M-66 in Ionia and on Saginaw Hwy. in Grand Ledge.

Other specific details about the potential Portland site are not yet available.

Image courtesy of tacobell.com.

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