• Jim Townsend

Beacon Fails to Reach Goal in “Local 3000” Campaign

As you may likely have seen, The Portland Beacon recently attempted to raise $3,000 to fund local news coverage through a Kickstarter campaign named “Local 3000.” The campaign ran from May 18th through June 30th.

Unfortunately, with only 11 backers, the campaign failed to reach its goal. The pledges totaled only $687 which was 22% of the total goal. As with any Kickstarter campaign, we needed to reach the full goal in order to receive any of the funds, and in this case the Beacon will not receive anything.

If you were one of those 11 backers who made a pledge, we do thank you.

While this is certainly a painful step back in the growth of the Beacon, we are not giving up. We are working to develop new streams of revenue in the future.

Until then, if you are interested in helping the Beacon survive and grow in Portland, please consider making a contribution. You can get more information in doing that at https://www.theportlandbeacon.com/contribute.

We are always looking for local businesses and nonprofits to advertise on our site as well. In the first three months of 2019, we had more than 52,000 visits to our site. While I know in today’s digital world you have numerous advertising options available, I do not think you will find one that offers this much bang for your buck, while at the same time supporting a valuable service to the local community.

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