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  • Jim Townsend

Local Business Offers Affordable Resources to Small Businesses, Nonprofits and Individuals

The Portland Beacon is owned and operated by Townsend Small Business Solutions LLC (TSBS LLC). I started TSBS LLC back in 2016 as a way for me to put my experience and abilities to work to help area small businesses and nonprofits on a part-time basis.

Years ago, while working a full-time job in Grand Rapids, I worked part-time for a local small business owner. While she was fantastic at the services she provided her customers, it was obvious that she did not enjoy some of the clerical aspects of her business. Like many of us do with tasks we dread, she frequently set these clerical tasks aside to be done later.

In just a few hours a week, I was able to help her catch up on several of these tasks that she had been putting off for quite a while. I also helped her develop a new organization system for her customer records, as well as implement a new time keeping system for her staff, and even develop and implement an employee manual to standardize expectations and procedures for her staff.

I truly enjoyed putting my skills to work to help improve the operations of her small business, and decided I wanted to try and expand that idea to help others.

For many small businesses, making the decision to hire a new employee can be stressful. On top of finding the right person for the position, there are also considerable expenses involved, as well as long-term training and supervision requirements.

TSBS LLC acts as a vendor offering short term solutions. Instead of hiring an employee, you can contract us for just a short-term project or task.

Here are just a few of the services we can provide:

  • Online Survey Development and Analysis

  • Employee Engagement and Recognition Programs

  • Office/Clerical Support Services

  • Website Development and Maintenance

  • Social Media Marketing and Consultation

  • Project and Event Planning

  • Logistics

  • Secret/Mystery Shopper Services

  • Training

  • Public Relations

  • Consulting

If you have a need that is not listed above but you think we may be able to help with, we would love to hear from you.

In my professional career working for Walgreen Co., the State of Michigan, as well as other stops along the road, I have developed extensive tool kit of administrative, technology, customer service and clerical skills. Managing The Portland Beacon has also helped me gain first hand experience in managing a small business of my own.

I have also been involved with the management of Portland Tackle Football Association Inc. for the past six plus years. Better known as Portland Jr Raiders, Portland Tackle Football Association Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization offering youth football and cheerleading to roughly 200 area youth each year. While previously serving as the association’s treasurer, and currently as its president, I have been responsible for many aspects of the administration of this nonprofit. From special events management to fundraising, to book keeping and marketing, I have gained experience with many of the challenges that nonprofits face on a daily basis.

While many nonprofits are fortunate to have a small group of dedicated volunteers, I know from experience that these key volunteers often get fatigued. TSBS LLC may offer an affordable option to supplement the efforts of the volunteers.

While larger companies and nonprofits may have whole teams or departments focusing on many of these tasks, small businesses and nonprofits in a community the size of Portland often rely on just a few dedicated people to wear many hats. We feel that TSBS LLC can offer you a reliable and experienced option at a fraction of the price. We want to put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

While TSBS LLC focuses our services to small businesses and nonprofits, we are also available to help individuals and families who may benefit from a service like this too. If you or someone you know is experiencing is short- or long-term medical issue that is slowing them down, we may be able to help. If you have an older relative who is struggling with a project around the house or using some new gadget, we may be able to help. Please note that we cannot offer any sort of medical assistance, but I can think of many nonmedical tasks were TSBS LLC may be an affordable and practical option to consider.

If you think TSBS LLC may be able to help, we want to hear from you. Please visit or contact Jim at 517-526-4696 or

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