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  • James Townsend

Gas Leak Forces Evacuation of Residents

A gas leak on Thursday afternoon has caused the evacuation of several residents within the City of Portland.

City Manager Tutt Gorman told the Beacon that it is a “Big Gas Leak. The first priority is to secure the area.”

The initial alarm sounded around 3:25 PM. The leak is near the parking lot next to Alton Park, across from St. Patrick’s school and church. The evacuation extends one block in each direction from the leak. It includes the school, the church, and homes in that vicinity.

The cause of the leak is likely the work of a contractor who was doing soil boring in the area.

Gorman added, “Access for residents in immediate area is not permitted. It could be several hours. Upstairs in City Hall is available for residents who are temporarily displaced.” Gorman also said “Consumers is on the way.”

Update 8:09 PM

This piece of equipment on the corner of West and Grand River was boring for soil samples this afternoon when it severed a natural gas line. Area residents have been evacuated. It could be midnight before restoration occurs. Consumers energy and Portland City Emergency Services Personnel are on sight.

Portland City Manager Tutt Gorman reacts to a piece of good news from Consumers Energy.

Portland Emergency Services Personnel secure and maintain West-GrapeCenter Street area while Consumers Energy works to restore gas line.

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