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  • James Townsend

“Local 3000” Campaign Off to a Strong Start

Last week, we announced “Local 3000”. A campaign to raise $3,000 to fund 100 pieces of local content by paid contributors of The Portland Beacon.

In five days, the campaign has already secured pledges for $200. We would like to thank those who made pledges, and we ask all other supporters to please consider making a pledge to the campaign by the June 30th deadline.

This campaign is being run through, and it is an all or nothing campaign. If we do not reach the full $3,000 goal, the campaign will fail and the Beacon will not receive any of the pledges.

In the almost two years that The Portland Beacon has been serving Portland, the local support it has received has been overwhelming. I have heard and seen time and time again many area residents and community leaders who are very supportive of the Beacon and its goal of providing local news coverage for our community. Today we need your financial support to survive and grow. On top of a few wonderful volunteers, we currently have a team of part time paid contributors who write content for the Beacon for just $30 per piece. I know this is chump change for the time it takes to write some of these pieces, but they do it as a labor of love and as a service to the community they call home. “Local 3000” is a fund for the sole purpose of paying for content on the Beacon. None of the money raised in this campaign will go to me personally or to other expenses of the Beacon, but will be used exclusively to compensate local writers who write content for the Beacon. The money will go to making the Beacon better. To develop a dedicated team of regular paid contributors.

To contribute or learn more about this campaign, click HERE .

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