• Robert Lathers

Portland’s 4th of July Fireworks Being Moved to Bogue Flats?

Portland High School will not be able to host the Chamber of Commerce Fireworks this year due to a major construction project that will take over school property this summer. The Portland Chamber has been working with City Officials, including police Chief Star Thomas, to identify an alternate site that will allow for maximum safety as well as parking and traffic flow. “The best option at this point appears to be Bogue Flats”, City Manager Tutt Gorman reported to City Council on Monday night. Chief Thomas told the Beacon, “Right now we are evaluating how to assure fire safety and traffic flow at that site”. The Portland City Council will have to approve a permit to use Bogue Flats at an upcoming meeting before plans are finalized. The Portland Sesquicentennial Committee is planning to have a Fireworks display at Portland High School in September. Construction is scheduled to be completed by then.

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