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City Council Meeting Report: City is Moving Back to Normal following Flood

City Manager Tutt Gorman gave a cautiously optimistic report to the City Council on Monday night regarding the status of recent flooding. The river is flowing again, and the level is at near normal level with some water still encroaching the banks near the Waste Water Treatment Plant. “I feel good where we are right now”, Gorman stated as he noted that predicted cold weather forecast for the coming week could cause the Grand River to freeze over once again. “We need to remain vigilant”, Gorman declared. He also stated that the City has been engaged in looking at what pro-active steps can be taken from a preventative perspective and cited ongoing consultations with the Army Corp of Engineers and with Keith Cook of Cook Brothers. Gorman said that there is nothing to recommend at this point. Gorman reported that the Waste Water Treatment plant is operating once again at normal capacity.

The Portland City Council also approved the recommendation of the City Manager to appoint Noreen Logel as the Resource Coordinator for the City of Portland as it relates to the flooding and State of Emergency. Logel will work with Mr. Gorman to address needs and identify resources necessary to resolve issues caused by the flooding.

In other news Gorman informed the Council that Sparrow Health System is moving toward the next planning stage of its Portland Family Health Center. This will be a major topic of discussion at the next Planning Commission meeting. The Planning Commission will also discuss possible options for marketing the Hyland Drive property site in order to attract additional commercial development.

Finally, the Council conducted a first reading of Proposed City Ordinance # 199 which addresses the process for the installment and deployment of small wireless communication devices that are privately owned and will enhance wireless service delivery. A discussion ensued about maintaining the unique qualities of the “Portland Skyline” which is wire free. A second reading will occur at the next Council meeting on March 18th.

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