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  • James Townsend

Release: Calley points to car insurance, road repairs as top priorities

State Rep. Julie Calley recently announced priorities for the 2019-20 legislative term, including efforts to reduce car insurance rates, continue infrastructure improvements, improve opportunities for students and increase government transparency.

Calley, of Portland, joined House Republican colleagues to unveil an action plan called “Leading the Way for an Even Better Michigan.” The document includes several priorities that will receive special emphasis in the next two years.

“Michigan has made great progress in recent years, but our work is never done,” Calley said. “Through this action plan, we reinforce our commitment to addressing Michigan’s greatest challenges through impactful reforms.”

Calley’s priorities include:

· Lower car insurance rates. Calley supports reforms to drive down costs for Michigan drivers, who now pay the highest average premiums in the nation.

· Road and water system improvements. Calley supports Michigan’s record-high investment in road repairs with a heightened focus on creating an efficient system to deliver the best results possible for taxpayers.

· Increased government transparency. Calley supports efforts to remove loopholes that exempt the governor, lieutenant governor and the Legislature from public disclosure rules.

· Investments to improve schools and job preparation programs. Calley continues to support record-high investments in K-12 education, with a special emphasis on helping students and workers gain skills needed to succeed in an always-evolving economy.

“We must work together to find solutions and build on our recent success, so we can create an even better Michigan for our children and grandchildren,” Calley said.

The House action plan is available at

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