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  • James Townsend

Ice Forces Discharge of Partially Treated or Untreated Waste into Grand River While Army Corps of En

In a media release posted on the City of Portland Facebook page at 3:01 PM today, City Manager S. Tutt Gorman provided an update on local flooding.

Gorman indicated that the City’s electric grid was in stable condition, but that flood effected areas may be shut down moving forward.

Gorman also said, “The Waste Water Treatment Plant has been operating at levels far exceeding its design due to excessive storm water that has entered the system. In order to protect health and safety of our residents, partially treated or untreated waste water has been discharged into the Grand River during the event. The City has provided notice to all required agencies. The City’s Water System is fully operational with no issues reported.”

He also addressed the idea of using explosives to break up the ice jam. He said the, “City has been in further discussion with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers who restated that using explosives or other means to break the ice is not effective and problematic in these conditions.”

The full media release can be found below.

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