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Portland Police Chief briefs City Council on Weekend Accident that Involved Police Cruiser

Star Thomas, Portland Police Chief, described an incident, to the Portland City Council at its regularly scheduled meeting on Monday night, that occurred on I-96 over the weekend where a Portland Police Cruiser was hit and heavily damaged. A Portland Officer who was assisting the Michigan State Police and an Ionia County Sheriff deputy at the scene of an accident received minor injuries when his Patrol car was struck by another car that slid off the road to avoid the original accident. Chief Thomas reported that the “officer is doing well”. However, she stated that drivers need to be aware of icy conditions when they occur and be prepared to, “move over, drive slow, and put cell phones away”. City Manager Tutt Gorman took the opportunity to commend the Police Dept. as well as the Portland Dept. of Public Works, “who do an incredible job” of plowing and maintaining city streets.

In other action, City Manager Gorman provided Council Members with updates on: the possible Rindelhaven expansion by Mayberry Homes; the Broadband feasibility survey of residents that is being organized; and the status of a feasibility study being conducted for a new Portland Police station. Gorman also reported that City-Union negotiations are underway with the Police employee’s union as well as with the GELP (DPW/Electrical Lineman) Union.

In the only action of the evening the council unanimously approved Resolutions of Financial Assurance of Local Funds for proposed street improvement projects that the City is applying for grants to have completed. The projects include 1) Kent Street Improvements from Academy Street to Grand River Ave.; 2) Grand River Ave. from I-96 to Bristie St.; and Grand River Ave. from Bristie Street to Bridge St.

The Next City Council Meeting will be held at 7:00 PM, at City Hall, on February 4th.

Pictured above, Mayor Jim Barnes and Councilman Robert Baldyga look on as Portland Police Chief Star Thomas describes an incident that occurred over the weekend on I-96 where a Portland Police cruiser was struck and damaged. The Officer involved received minor injuries and is doing fine. The Police Cruiser sustained significant damage.

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