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  • James Townsend

Raider Wrestling Goes 3-2 at Alma Invitational

The Raider Wrestling team traveled to Alma for the Alma Invitational on Saturday. The Raiders went 3-2 on the day with wins over Evart, Leslie and Williamston, and losses to Carson City and Alma.

A score breakdown by dual is listed below.

Round 1: Evart

Portland HS (PORTLAND) 82.0 Evart HS (EVART) 0.0 285: Zackary Fedewa (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

103: Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

112: Caiden Pelc (PORTLAND) over Kinkade DuBreuil (EVART) (Fall 0:41)

119: Brendan Wartella (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

125: Trent Trierweiler (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

130: Jared Thelen (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

135: Marty Thelen (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

145: Ethan Getchell (PORTLAND) over Reese Ransom (EVART) (MD 12-3)

152: Hunter Hoppes (PORTLAND) over Sam Bailey (EVART) (Fall 2:16)

160: Kyle Hinds (PORTLAND) over Garrett Johnson (EVART) (Fall 1:24)

171: Owen Guilford (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

189: Nathan Zimmerman (PORTLAND) over (EVART) (For.)

215: Ethan Guidi (PORTLAND) over Nick Robinson (EVART) (Fall 1:41)

Round 2: Leslie

Portland HS (PORTLAND) 62.0 Leslie HS (LESLIE) 9.0 103: Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) over (LESLIE) (For.)

112: Caiden Pelc (PORTLAND) over Jacob Montgomery (LESLIE) (Fall 0:33)

119: Brendan Wartella (PORTLAND) over (LESLIE) (For.)

125: Trent Trierweiler (PORTLAND) over Lucas Mooney (LESLIE) (TF 17-2 5:30)

130: Gabe Weber (LESLIE) over Jared Thelen (PORTLAND) (Dec 6-4)

135: Marty Thelen (PORTLAND) over Hunter Doyle (LESLIE) (MD 16-2)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over (LESLIE) (For.)

145: Ethan Getchell (PORTLAND) over (LESLIE) (For.)

152: Hunter Hoppes (PORTLAND) over Ethan Fehrenbach (LESLIE) (Fall 3:03)

160: Kyle Hinds (PORTLAND) over Nathaniel Courtney (LESLIE) (TF 15-0 4:00)

171: Owen Guilford (PORTLAND) over Kyle Weinstein (LESLIE) (Fall 1:57)

189: Nick Carey (LESLIE) over Ethan Guidi (PORTLAND) (Dec 9-2)

215: Benjamin Smeiska (LESLIE) over Doak Manshum (PORTLAND) (Dec 10-4)

285: Zackary Fedewa (PORTLAND) over (LESLIE) (For.)

Round 3: Williamston

Portland HS (PORTLAND) 45.0 Williamston HS (WILAMSTN) 30.0 112: Ryker Johnecheck (WILAMSTN) over Caiden Pelc (PORTLAND) (MD 8-0)

119: Calvin Kittendorf (WILAMSTN) over Brendan Wartella (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:11)

125: Trent Trierweiler (PORTLAND) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)

130: Luke Mahaney (WILAMSTN) over Jared Thelen (PORTLAND) (MD 8-0)

135: Jared Bloom (WILAMSTN) over Andrew Pace (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:16)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over Jake Dietz (WILAMSTN) (Fall 5:01)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over Jake Dietz (WILAMSTN) (Fall 5:10)

145: Ethan Getchell (PORTLAND) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)

152: Hunter Hoppes (PORTLAND) over Max McCutcheon (WILAMSTN) (Dec 2-0)

160: Kyle Hinds (PORTLAND) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)

171: Double Forfeit 189: Owen Guilford (PORTLAND) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)

215: Maverick Pardee (WILAMSTN) over Nathan Zimmerman (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:59)

285: Zackary Fedewa (PORTLAND) over (WILAMSTN) (For.)

103: Greg Dion (WILAMSTN) over Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) (MD 9-1)

Round 4: Carson City-Crystal

Carson City-Crystal HS (CARSNCTY) 56.0 Portland HS (PORTLAND) 16.0 119: Kyle Mutschler (CARSNCTY) over Brendan Wartella (PORTLAND) (Fall 3:30)

125: Jaron Johnson (CARSNCTY) over Trent Trierweiler (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:24)

130: Jamison Ward (CARSNCTY) over Jared Thelen (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:27)

135: Daryn Shepler (CARSNCTY) over Andrew Pace (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:03)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over Bryce Stanley (CARSNCTY) (Fall 3:21)

145: Ethan Getchell (PORTLAND) over Aiden Adkins (CARSNCTY) (Fall 1:11)

152: Caleb Collins (CARSNCTY) over Hunter Hoppes (PORTLAND) (Fall 2:28)

160: Braxton Seida (CARSNCTY) over Kyle Hinds (PORTLAND) (MD 10-2)

171: Owen Guilford (PORTLAND) over Brandon Murray (CARSNCTY) (MD 16-4)

189: Nash Akin (CARSNCTY) over Nathan Zimmerman (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:09)

215: Daniel Smith (CARSNCTY) over (PORTLAND) (For.)

285: Brian Yeakey (CARSNCTY) over Zackary Fedewa (PORTLAND) (Dec 12-5)

103: Jared Shepler (CARSNCTY) over Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) (MD 11-0)

112: Nolan Datema (CARSNCTY) over Caiden Pelc (PORTLAND) (Dec 8-4)

Round 5: Alma

Alma HS (ALMA) 34.0 Portland HS (PORTLAND) 33.0 125: Dametrius Castillo (ALMA) over Trent Trierweiler (PORTLAND) (Fall 3:54)

130: Jared Thelen (PORTLAND) over Josiah Baltierra (ALMA) (Dec 6-5)

135: Adam Garcia (ALMA) over Andrew Pace (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:29)

140: Dillon Vroman (PORTLAND) over Jacob Munger (ALMA) (Fall 3:01)

145: Jarrett Ferman (ALMA) over Ethan Getchell (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:11)

152: Hunter Hoppes (PORTLAND) over Jake Cena (ALMA) (Dec 7-1)

160: Kyle Hinds (PORTLAND) over Carlos Espinosa (ALMA) (Dec 2-0)

171: Owen Guilford (PORTLAND) over Adein Palmer (ALMA) (Fall 0:40)

189: Norman Davis (ALMA) over Nathan Zimmerman (PORTLAND) (MD 13-2)

215: Doak Manshum (PORTLAND) over Gavin Fish (ALMA) (Fall 1:56)

285: Zackary Fedewa (PORTLAND) over Mason Everitt (ALMA) (Dec 6-0)

103: Dominic Anguanio (ALMA) over Carter Johnson (PORTLAND) (Fall 0:19)

112: Caiden Pelc (PORTLAND) over Landon Bethka (ALMA) (Dec 5-1)

119: Solomon Rosales (ALMA) over Brendan Wartella (PORTLAND) (Fall 1:05)

The Raiders return home this Wednesday night to host the Ionia Bulldogs. This will be the Raiders senior night and the final home match of the season.

Photo courtesy of AJ Guilford.

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