• Jim Townsend

Mi Drive Offers Valuable Commuter Information

With our Portland’s location roughly half way between the business and education centers of Lansing and Grand Rapids, it is no surprise that many Portlander’s travel multiple times a week to one these cities for school or work. I know a few locals who even travel to Jackson each day.

With nearly any inclement weather in the area, I regularly see social media posts asking questions like, “How is the highway to Lansing?”

Personally, I spent five years driving to Grand Rapids daily and almost six years driving to the Lansing area. I know from experience just how helpful a clear prediction of your morning commute can be.

While there are free traffic apps like Waze readily available for commuters, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) also offers a resource that many road-warriors may find helpful.

MDOT’s Mi Drive can be accesses via laptop or smart phone. Mi Drive provides a map with interactive layers for traffic speed, accidents, lane closures, traffic cameras, and even the location of MDOT maintenance vehicles/plows.

According to MDOT, ““The Mi Drive site provides real-time information for motorists traveling on I, M and US routes in Michigan.”

You can access Mi Drive at www.michigan.gov/drive.

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