• James Townsend

Raider Bowling Splits with Eaton Rapids

Portland’s girls defeated Eaton Rapids 16 to 14.

Notable scores for Portland:

Emma Armour 168

Aubrey Martin 161

Jesse Whitford 159

Notable scores for Eaton Rapids:

Sarah Domeier 180

Shelby Vergeson 154 Portland’s girls won the match by winning a Baker game and totals. Portland boys lost to Eaton Rapids buy a score of 23 to 7.

Notable scores for Portland:

Luke Dalman 197, 189

Evan Warner 188 Notable scores for Eaton Rapids:

Eaton Filion 215

Connor Norris 212

Justin Brandfield 209 Coach William Armour III said, “Portland boys ran into a very well run team that scored well. We are looking forward to the Christmas break and will be back bowling in January.”

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