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  • James Townsend

Raider Bowling Splits with Holt

On Wednesday, both Raider bowling teams traveled to City Limits In Mason to take on the Holt Rams. Portland’s girls were victorious over Holt by a score of 17 to 13.

Notable scores for Portland: Sammy Krausz 171

Emma Armour 158

Jordyn Fyan 156

Aubrey Martin 154

Notable scores for Holt:

Gabby Van Horn 246

Erica Hinney 209 Holt's boys defeated Portland by a score of 26 to 4.

Notable scores for Portland:

Jack Dalman 191

Evan Warner 191

Luke Dalman 167

Jarod Huhn 155 Notable scores for Holt:

Austin Montgomery 256

Heath Camerer 188 Boys coach William Armour III said after the match, “Today’s match was a crossover between Holt from the red division and Portland from the blue division. Even though today’s bowling doesn’t affect either teams record it was an opportunity for two great teams to battle and get better and learn to adapt and overcome and ultimately the team that did a better job of that one tonight on the girl side it was Portland on the boys side it was Holt.”

Portland’s next action is at home on Friday another crossover event against East Lansing.

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