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  • Jim Townsend

St. Patrick Women’s Cross Country Team Named November Student Athletes of the Month

The St. Patrick School Women’s Cross Country team has been selected as the winner of the monthly J-Dubbs Signature Subs Student Athlete of the Month award.

Earlier this month, in a Beacon article by Robert Lathers, we told you about the team being recognized for their academic achievement. Lathers reported back on November 2nd that, “the St. Patrick Women’s Cross-Country team was awarded First place in Class D, for Women’s Cross-Country teams, for their academic prowess. Specifically, the Shamrock Women posted a combined Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.902. If there were a photo finish for academics, like there is for Cross-Country meets, the Shamrock Women finished .04 GPA points better than second place Adrian Lenawee Christian who has a combined GPA of 3.862.”

Coach Daniel Lawless said, "This is a very special team of young women. If you know cross country you know that it takes a lot of character and integrity. Most of the time the team is training or racing, they are out of sight from their coach. Any improvement comes directly by their self motivation. It fits hand in hand with their studies. Most of the time nobody is watching, so to achieve great grades requires self motivation. These young women have the positive attitude and drive to be successful in everything they do. This academic all-state award is a direct reflection of their parents and teachers. As their coach I have the easy part, I give them some guidance and they take it from there. I totally enjoy working with them and am very proud of all their accomplishments.”

The Portland Beacon’s Student Athlete of the Month contest is sponsored by J-Dubbs Signature Subs of Portland. The contest is normally for an individual student athlete and the monthly winner receives a free sub of his/her choice from J-Dubbs Signature Subs. For the month of November, we made an exception to give the award to this team. The team will receive a free lunch from J-Dubbs Signature Subs in recognition of their achievement.

Monthly winners will also be entered for a chance at the Student Athlete of the Year award, and a free party platter from J-Dubbs Signature Subs.

Pictured above are from left to right: Cross-Country Coach Daniel Lawless; Veronica White (Jr.); Anna Schasser (Jr.); Jenna Pung (Sr.); Cordelia Foxelster (Sr.); Sophia White (So.); and Amy Shaw (So.).

The Portland Beacon’s Student Athlete of the Month contest is sponsored by J-Dubbs Signature Subs of Portland.

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