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  • Jim Townsend

Candidate for Congress Visiting Portland on Saturday

Cathy Albro, Democratic Candidate for US Congress, will be making a stop in Portland on Saturday, November 3, as part of a whirlwind tour around Michigan’s oddly shaped Third District.

The candidate will be knocking on doors in Lyons/Muir at approximately 1:43 PM, and then will be at Portland’s Red Mill around 2:11 PM.

“Our goal is to reach out and meet with those folks who rarely get to see their candidates, let alone their Congressman. Many of the people we met on our first tour talked about how they had never seen Justin Amash in their town. We want them to know that I care about them and want to hear what’s important to them. I’m determined that I won’t be a Representative who hides away when constituents need me,” says Albro.

A release from the campaign said, “The plan for the Road Rally is to drop into as many towns as possible, greet people along the way, answer questions about Cathy and encourage them to vote on November 6. Itinerary details are attached. Cathy and her team stopped in 27 locations the day before Michigan’s Primary in August. They plan on beating their record this time around with 37 stops!”

The release went on to say, “Cathy Albro, who won her primary race decisively, is a former teacher, teacher of teachers and small business owner. She owned the Creative Learning Child Care Center for 15 years and Creative Learning Toys for 30 years. She and her husband, basketball coach Rick Albro, currently live in Middleville.”

Saturday’s trip is estimated at about 450 miles and a 13-hour day.

A recent post on CNN ( indicates that incumbent Congressman Justin Amash is favored to win, but added that “the margin of error is wide enough that we shouldn't be surprised if Cathy Albro comes from behind.”

More information about Albro can be found at

Images courtesy of Cathy Albro for Congress.

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