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2018 Coldwell Banker Frewen Realty Homes 4 Dogs Project in Partnership with The Ionia County Animal

For nearly 40 years, Coldwell Banker Frewen Realty has helped people of Ionia County find a home, and now our mission extends to man's best friend. With Adopt-a-pet.com, North America's largest non-profit pet adoption website, and The Ionia County Animal Shelter, we're committed to helping adoptable dogs find a loving home.

Here's how you can help: In Support of Coldwell Banker Homes for Dog's project, we're hosting a dog adoption and donation event at our office located at 1240 E. Grand River Ave. Portland, MI from 10am-3pm on Saturday October 13, 2018


Cash or Check Donations made payable to: Ionia County Animal Shelter

Only Science Diet dog or cat food is accepted. Any brand of dog or cat treats

Scoopable & clumping kitty litter, Kleenex, Rawhides, Windex, Q-Tips, Bleach, Peroxide, White Vinegar, Rubbing Alcohol, Clorox Wipes, cardboard cat carriers, cotton balls, Blue Dawn Dish soap, Gently used or new Collars, Gently used or new Leashes, Doggie Toys, Cat Toys, Bandana's, Metal choke collars

We will be hosting silent auction to raise funds for the shelter on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/FREWENREALTY

CONTACT US TODAY, and join us in supporting a great cause.




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