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  • James Townsend

Opinion: Vote Yes on May 8th

As a long time resident, tax payer, parent and grandparent in Portland, I’ve seen various proposals and ideas. On May 8th the Portland School District will ask us to approve a bond extension that will fund many things the schools have needed for a long time. I think it’s a no brainer. My grandkids need this, your grandkids need this, OUR community NEEDS this. This is a 0 mil increase to our taxes. It simply maintains our current tax rate longer to fund security, parking lot, roofs, technology and athletic facility upgrades.

Security - We are fortunate to live in a tight knit community but these days are far different than when I grew up. We have to do a better job of protecting our kids!

Parking Lots - I live near one of the schools and can see first hand how much our school parking lots need work and if you’ve ever dropped off or picked up at the schools, you’ll wish you hadn’t. This will all improve with the passage of this extension.

Roofs - The school roofs have a life span just like we do and these are at the end of theirs. If this doesn’t pass those roofs will still be replaced but then there will be less money for educating in a time when we’ve already underfunded education.

Technology - we are in a modern age and our kids are behind. Many other schools have an edge on our kids simply because their schools have more technological opportunities that are better than what we have. Our kids need more.

Athletic facilities - Portland always has talented, athletic kids that are well coached and they can compete with any other program in the state. There’s something special about Friday nights. The bleachers are packed leaving many to stand or use chairs they bring along because there’s no room to sit. Additional stands are needed. Also, the restroom lines are long causing considerable discomfort to those of us of a certain age. These facilities have had minimal upgrades due to using scarce funds in other areas and those improvements have been primarily through fund raising. It’s time to make improvements.

This extension will increase our property values and benefit our great community. I hope you join me in voting YES for this proposal and YES for our kids on May 8th!

This will not pass without our votes!

Long time Portland Resident

Pat Weller

The opinions expressed in this piece are those of the author, and do not necessarily represent the view of The Portland Beacon or its ownership.

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